Black Panther

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There is a new movie that came out in theaters recently and it is called Black Panther. This movie is full of strong characters. From strong female leads to strong leads of a child. This movie really allowed for every character to have their big moment to prove that they are strong people. There is a king, T’Challa, that gets challenged by another man who is also royal blood. This man is an outsider, but is willing to do whatever it takes to let Wakanda’s wealth be known to the rest of the world. T’Challa’s younger sister, Shuri, is in charge of creating advanced technology to allow the king to go on missions and help their nation. The outsider wants to be in charge of all their technology to attack other nations to prove that they are not a third world country. The outsider eventually wins the throne and he “kills” T’Challa, but he was saved by a different tribe before he actually died. T’Challa comes back with his younger sister, his girlfriend, and his mother. They fight off the outsider and his army to let things go back to the way they were before he took over their nation.

This movie really showed how powerful someone, or a group of people, can be when they want to fight for something they really believe in. Even though the outsider and his army were much more powerful than T’Challa’s army, they did not stop fighting until they got Wakanda back to what they used to be. The youngest character, Shuri got to be in charge of creating the most advanced technology. The female rolls also got to prove how strong they were when  they were united. This movie not only proves how strong African Americans can be, but it also proves how strong women truly are.



According to, the majority of the US voted Pro-Choice for abortion. There was 38% that voted for Pro-Life and 62% that voted for Pro-Choice. All of the people that voted for Pro-Life allowed cases of rape and abuse. While those who voted for Pro-Choice had three choices to choose from other than being completely Pro-Choice. One said they do not agree but the government had no say in what a woman chose. Another said, providing sex education classes and birth control to help reduce the numbers of abortions. The last one stated to only ban after the third month.

In the state of Illinois, the statistics did not change much. According to the poll, 36% voted Pro-Life and 64% voted Pro-Choice. 29% were completely Pro-Life and 6% voted Pro-Life with the exception of rape and abuse. The percentage of those who were completely Pro-Choice was 55%. Those who believed the government had nothing to do with abortion was 4%. Those who believe that abortion is allowed along with sex education classes, birth control, and other organizations also had a 4%. Finally, those who believed that abortion should be banned after the first three months only had 2% in the total percentage of the votes.

Throughout the website, the percentages did not change much. A lot of people decided to vote for Pro-Choice.


The reason I chose these words to describe myself is because I feel like they truly describe the kind of person I am. I know what I am able to accomplish and the characteristics that make me the person I am today. The words that I used in this image made me realize that how great I am and how great I can be. The image I chose also describes me because I love music. Music got me through the hardest points in my life and learning how to play music has been one of my greatest accomplishments.

Sharing is Caring

Some schools are giving their left over food to those who are less fortunate. The food that is not finished during lunch, is put on a table for the less fortunate kids. The food that is not finished goes to a church that feeds over 100 homeless people a week. Doing good deeds like this for people really makes the school more lively and it makes people feel better about themselves. I really believe that these kinds of actions should be done in all schools. Whether it is an elementary or high school. There will always be someone hungrier out there. Actions of selflessness never go out of style! It is always great to give to those that do not the same fortunes as we do. Does your school do awesome actions like these few schools? Would you ever take part in acts of kindness like the students in this school? What are your opinions about this?

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